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This section contains all of your software needs! Including onscreen keyboards, Cause and Effect, games, mouse, switch, scanning and keyskills tutors, and communication overlay creators.
  1. Switch Skills

    Software to teach and improve switch skills Read More >
  2. Computer Access

    Software which enables computer access. Read More >
  3. Communication

    A range of software that helps to create symbol based communication and educational materials. Read More >
  4. Cause and Effect

    Teach cause and effect with this range of software. Read More >
  5. Teaching Resources

    A wide range of teaching resources including Boardmaker and Clicker. Read More >
  6. Early Learning

    These early learning titles help develop skills for effective computer use. Read More >
  7. Switch Games

    A fun range of games to encourage switch use! Read More >
  8. Literacy and Numeracy

    This range of software helps build literacy and numeracy skills. Read More >