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AAC Speak


AAC Speak is an English (other languages available soon) easy to use and very flexible Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app. The app enables someone who is non-verbal to communicate by pressing buttons containing icons, words or letters. 

The app is free to download and contains 2 vocabulary files that can be used but are restricted to one page (21 words for the 28 grid and 30 words for the 60 grid). The starter and extended versions with multiple pages can be fully explored however speech output is deactivated until the vocabulary is purchased.

AAC Speak contains vocabulary which has been carefully sourced from a combination of leading researched word lists with an emphasis on core words in order to help individuals express themselves independently. 

The app has been designed to ensure teaching is as simple as possible. The most frequently used words are on the first page (view), additional frequently used words are organised alphabetically so the teacher can quickly find them. In addition, where words are best sorted by category (i.e. foods), 19 categories have been included.

If more words or categories are required the app can very easily be edited. Adding new words is also very intuitive as is changing all aspects of a button and page appearance.

AAC Speak comes with 2 vocabulary options, 28 buttons or 60 buttons. The 28 is better suited for individuals who need bigger buttons to press but if 60 buttons is possible then you will benefit from even more words to use. 

If however you wish to create your own vocabulary option, this can easily do done with just 1 to 70 buttons.

A very powerful feature of AAC Speak is the ‘Hide Mode’ which allows you to hide and reveal words. So you can limit the app to just the words you wish to teach. This helps reduce distractions and improve focus. These additional features are available to view in the app once a vocabulary file has been copied.

As well as providing an effective vocabulary set, AAC Speak is packed with features normally only available in expensive apps. AAC Speak at the press of a button can be changed from showing pictures with words, just pictures or just words… ideal for both literate and non-literate individuals!

AAC Speak Features

* Includes 6 preloaded vocabulary grids: 
- 28 Starter Demo (restricted to one page) includes 21 words.
- 60 Starter Demo (restricted to one page includes 30 words.
- 28 Starter Vocab option (7 columns x 4 rows) includes 530 words.
- 60 Starter Vocab option (10 columns x 6 rows) includes 952 words.
- 28 Extended Vocab option (7 columns x 4 rows) includes 1,244 words.
- 60 Extended Vocab option (10 columns x 6 rows) includes 2,630 words.
* Create new vocabularies from 1 cell to 70 cells.
* Select different voices (male and female).
* Speak each word or speak only when display bar is touched.
* Includes operator feedback options (button click and or cell highlight on touch).
* The Speech Display Bar can be customised for style, colour, size, display (icons or words).
* Buttons can be displayed as icons with text, just icons or just words.
* Pages and buttons text, borders, background and images can all easily be changed.
* You can delete, copy or drag a button to new locations.
* Use Hide Mode to hide all the words except the ones you wish to use or teach.
* You can also add or delete pages… so much can be changed to suit the individual’s needs.

As the person using the app develops more vocabulary and grammar is needed to improve communication, AAC Speak ‘Extended’ is available as an in app purchase. This activates blank buttons in the top row so words like “Want” change from a one-touch word to a two-touch word but in doing so you get the option to select “Wants”, “Wanted” and “Wanting”. Examples of all AAC Speak vocabularies are available to use with voice output deactivated within the app.

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