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Customer Charter

Treat all with whom we interact with utmost respect and dignity: Whether face-to-face, over the phone, or via written communication, we will treat all with whom we interact with the highest respect, the customer is not an interruption to our work but the purpose of our work at all times.

Listen to our customers: We believe that everyone matters and that everyone has a voice that is worth listening to.  We welcome and respect your views and believe that by listening to you, we can further model Liberator into an even more customer-focused organisation.

Support our customers through their communication journey: Our main objective is to facilitate your communication and in this endeavour we promise to support you every step of the way. Our staff possess a vast wealth of experience and knowledge of language, the use of Core vocabulary, AAC, and AAC implementation and hence are suitably capable of offering language development guidance, assessment support, loan device set-up, programming support and training.

Deliver high quality service: We hope to not only meet, but also surpass your expectations of us. We strive to always impart the most accurate information to our customers and will respond to all customer queries within a reasonable period.  All telephone and internet queries will be responded to on the same day and email queries and letters within 48hours.

Provide top quality products: We aim to ensure that our products are customer oriented, of the highest quality, and fit for the intended purpose.

Offer free training: We are committed to ensuring you fully utilize your hi-tech communication aid by guaranteeing free training for the duration of its life. We promise to initially provide at least one face-to face training session, incorporating device training and/or language training for your new communication aid. For further training, irrespective of the warranty status of your communication aid, you will be encouraged to attend our interactive online training courses run by a member of staff.

Provide all year round telephone support for all our Hi-tech communication aids: We will provide telephone support from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. At the weekends and over Bank holidays we provide a service that allows you to leave a message for a Technician to call you back within 2 hours.

Endeavour to repair all our products to the highest standard: We aim to not only repair your hi-tech communication aid within 7 to 10 working days for both manufacturing and accidental damage, but also analyse the cause of the problem.  Where this is not possible, we will keep you fully informed of the situation.

Fair and transparent with our costs and charges: Our pricing policy for new products, our services, and repairs will always be fair and reflect market value with no ‘hidden’ charges.

Resolve all complaints fairly and promptly: We have a fair and open Complaints Procedure that we adhere to, to ensure your issues and concerns are appropriately addressed. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with how their complaint is handled and resolved.

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