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AAC Speak - Vocab Options

When first opening the AAC Speak app or whenever you select the 'Vocab' menu option you will find a list of pre loaded vocabularies (Vocabs). 

The free version of AAC Speak contains a 28 and 60 grid that are fully functioning but restricted to just the first screen view (page). The 2 options are:

  • 28 Starter Demo which includes 21 words.
  • 60 Starter Demo which includes 30 words.

The demo options allows you to make any changes you want including changing the Voice (try Karen and Samantha), edit the words, pictures and layout and hide/show words using the unique 'Hide Mode' but all within the one page. You cannot add pages, see the extended vocab pages (A-Z), 19 category pages or speeling / numbers keyboard unless you upgrade to the Starter or Extended versions. The Starter and Extended versions are available to view in their entirety within the free app but they do not speak.

The Starter and Extended Vocabs also allow completelt new grids to be created from 1 button to 70 (10 x 7) buttons. The pre-prepaired Vocabs are:

  • 28 Starter Vocab option (7 columns x 4 rows) includes 530 words.
  • 60 Starter Vocab option (10 columns x 6 rows) includes 952 words.
  • 28 Extended Vocab option (7 columns x 4 rows) includes 1,244 words.
  • 60 Extended Vocab option (10 columns x 6 rows) includes 2,630 words.

Copy:  To make any changes to the Vocabs you must first create a copy. Each time you enter the Vocab menu a message will remind you of this. Enter Layout Name and click ok

















2. Delete: Swipe vocab to the left and a ‘Delete’ option will appear next to the ‘Copy’ option.









3. Create a blank new Vocab:

Press the ‘+’ option.
Enter the Layout Name you want.
Select the number of rows (minimum 1, maximum 7) and columns (minimum 1, maximum 10) you want.
Press Create.
Your new blank vocab will appear in the list of vocabs. Press the option to use.
New vocabs will automatically populate with as many of the standard 4 options (Clear Screen, Pages, ABC/123 and Home button) on the top row as the grid size you created allows. If you don’t require these options just delete the button.














 4. Store: Select this option to purchase the extended version of each vocab size (alternative you can purchase from within the demonstration version by pressing ‘Purchase Now’ displayed on the Speech Display Bar.


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