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LAMP Words for Life (WFL) app: Regional Full Day Group Workshop - £75

This workshop consists of three elements: (1) A brief overview of LAMP principles (2) understanding the vocabulary and (3) programming and editing. Before adding and editing vocabulary it is important that individuals supporting LAMP Words for Life (WFL) app users have an understanding of the LAMP principles and the vocabulary.

1.    Language Acquisition through Motor Planning
The workshop begins with an overview of the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) program. LAMP is a set of principles related to speech-generating device programming, intervention strategies, social interaction and vocabulary selection that have been shown to increase language and communication skills of children with autism and other developmental delays. For more information on LAMP and details of forthcoming workshops in your area please visit

2.    Introduction to LAMP Words for Life (WFL) app
This part of the workshop provides an overview of the unique LAMP Words for Life (WFL) app language structure. When using the LAMP method, language is taught with emphasis on the motor locations of the words, not the visual symbols on the keys. Whilst understanding the language structure is not important for beginning language learners, it is helpful for the individuals supporting LAMP WFL app users to know how to find words and know where to best store customised words. We will cover the following:

- Exploring LAMP WFL app
- Word Finder
- Exploring the LAMP WFL app vocabulary (1-hit, transition and 84 full)
- Storing custom vocabulary
- Choosing a voice
- Using a menu passcode
- Saving changes

3.    LAMP Words for Life (WFL) app - Features and Programming
The final part of the workshop focuses on features and advanced programming of the LAMP Words for Life (WFL) app. The participants of this course will be familiar with all of the topics covered in the "Introduction to LAMP Words for Life app" course. We will cover the following:

- Vocabulary Builder
- Creating & editing pages
- Abbreviations and pronunciations
- Settings menu


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