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Grapevine Computer Access
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Grapevine Computer Access

High-Quality keyboard and mouse emulation software.
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Ex. VAT: £219.00 Inc. VAT £262.80

Ex. VAT: £219.00 Inc. VAT £262.80

  • Unrivalled Warranty & Support

  • Solutions for All Needs & Budgets

  • Wide Range of Access Methods

  • Free UK Deliveries on Orders over £100

Technical Specification

VAT Exempt Yes

Grapevine Computer Access

Grapevine Computer Access on-screen keyboard software. For people with limited or no use of their hands, it facilitates activities like web browsing, social media, email, document-creation and lots more. Grapevine can be operated in two ways: 1. Using a mouse, joystick, trackball, touchscreen, head mouse or eye-gaze. 2. By 'scanning' with one or more switches.

Feature-rich On-screen Keyboard - Typing is easy and efficient with Grapevine's smart word and phrase prediction feature, which learns the words and phrases you use most frequently. After a short time, you will be typing whole sentences using word-prediction alone (without having to type individual letters). Of course, you can add your own words and phrases too.

Customisable Keyboard - You can choose from a range of keyboard layouts that have been optimised for mouse or scanning access. The flexible, resizable keyboard comes with a choice of colour schemes, international layouts and languages.

Mouse Control - Whether you’re scanning or using an alternative mouse, Grapevine has all the tools required to help you move the mouse pointer and perform trickier operations like double-click and click-and-drag.

Dwell Click - The Dwell Click feature will perform the clicks for you even if you can’t physically press a mouse button.

Shortcuts - Grapevine comes with Shortcut pages for interacting with popular applications, facilitating everything from web-browsing and document-creation to simple, handy operations like copying files, adjusting the volume or shutting down your computer.

Speech Output - Grapevine can be set up to speak each letter, word or sentence as you type. It can also read text from other applications. It will work with the free voice that comes with Windows or any ‘SAPI5’ voice that is installed on your computer.

Other Great Features - 5-minute installation and set-up, Step-by-step on-screen starter guide, Simple settings menu, Free Automatic Updates, Remote Assistance, Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (desktop mode only) or Windows 10.

Grapevine empowers people to achieve their goals in employment, education and personal life by opening up a world of communication, productivity, social inclusion and most importantly, independence.

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