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NOVA chat 8
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NOVA chat 8

New 8" version of the popular NOVA chat is now available.
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Ex. VAT: £2,895.00 Inc. VAT £3,474.00

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Ex. VAT: £2,895.00 Inc. VAT £3,474.00
  • Unrivalled Warranty & Support

  • Solutions for All Needs & Budgets

  • Wide Range of Access Methods

  • Free UK Deliveries on Orders over £100

Ex. VAT: £2,895.00 Inc. VAT £3,474.00

  • Unrivalled Warranty & Support

  • Solutions for All Needs & Budgets

  • Wide Range of Access Methods

  • Free UK Deliveries on Orders over £100

Technical Specification

Manufacturer Liberator
Colour Blue, Green, Grey, Purple
Product Weight 610g
Dimensions 22 x 13 x 5cm
Display Size 20.32cm (8in)
Battery Life 10 hours
Product Compliance This communication aid has been tested, with its accessories, as a class one medical device and fully complies with all parts of the 993/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC (MDD).
VAT Exempt Yes

NOVA chat 8

NOVA Chat 8 is the newest member of the NOVA chat family. It offers the well-known NOVA Chat software on an impressive 8" Android platform.

The NOVA chat 8 is a sleek, lightweight and durable AAC solution to meet your individual's needs. NOVA chat includes thousands of SymbolStix™ symbols and PCS™ symbols can also be added.

New for NOVA chat are the Ivona voices which includes a child's voice, a teen's voice, as well as numerous American & British English adult options. Acapela voices are also available as an option and include the NEW Harry and Rosie English Child Voices. The sound clarity of NOVA chat outdoes that of any portable communication system of it's size.

Information on the voices included can be found here.

The NOVA chat 8 comes with an 8" screen and weighs only 610g. The capacitive touchscreen is accessible by finger touch or an included stylus, the NOVA chat 8 also supports single and dual switch scanning.

A rubberised protective shield protects the system while colour shells give it an up-to-date style. There's no need to choose just one colour, as four colour shells are provided with each system. Blue, green and purple offer youthful, fun options while a grey option provides a more sophisticated look.

Key Features:
  • Updated user interface
  • Combination of ChatPC and TouchChat functionality
  • Single and dual switch scanning
  • Social Chat Features (copy/paste/share text with social networks)
  • Improved File Transferring (more stable/quicker transfers)
  • NOVA chat Editor (CD)
  • Built-in camera
  • Word Prediction
  • Spelling
  • 4 colour shells included
  • 3 years Total LibCare Warranty
  • Free training included

  • Vocabulary Options

    Vocabulary Options such as WordPower from Inman Innovations highlight the listing of powerful communication options that are provided. WordPower offers a series of new AAC vocabularies designed specifically for the Chat Software.

  • Essence is the first commercial offering of the Essence family of vocabulary programs developed by Prentke Romich Company. This new series is specifically designed for adults with acquired speech disorders. The heart of the Essence vocabulary consists of a spelling keyboard with word prediction that also allows quick access to hundreds of commonly used phrases and sentences.

  • "Communication Journey: Aphasia” is a vocabulary file containing features and vocabulary designed to support people with aphasia. It was developed in consultation with a group of speech and language therapists who work exclusively with people with aphasia and brain injuries. The framework of the file was derived from the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia from the Aphasia Institute in Toronto, Canada. The pages were created to facilitate participation in daily activities and to promote social links.

  • WordPower 20 Simply incorporates carrier phrases with core words for quick and easy language generation and therefore, could be called a “hybrid,” because it can be used primarily as a phrase-based system, or as a word-based system. It was designed for users with motor disabilities and access issues, those with vision impairment that need large cells and print, cognitively and severely language disabled individuals who benefit from phrases to assist with quick language generation, and those who have scanning access needs.

  • WordPower 25 Touch & Scan is a new vocabulary designed to be accessible via direct selection as well as scanning for quick and easy language generation. It incorporates carrier phrases with core words that move seamlessly between the main page and related categories. Individuals who need a sophisticated and efficient language system with a minimum number of cells per page will benefit from this robust vocabulary.

  • WordPower 42 Basic is a simplified version of WordPower 42. This word-based system remains rich in core vocabulary, and it may be appropriate for beginning users or those who need a more basic vocabulary design. It is designed to make communication fast and easy.

  • WordPower 48 is a modified version of WordPower 42, but it includes an extra column on every page. The extra column includes designated buttons for clear, smart period, delete word, and plural –s. It is a word-based vocabulary that was designed to be an easy and intuitive generative language system. This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard and with scanning.

  • WordPower 60 consists of a large number of high frequency words available on the main page, resulting in fast communication with reduced keystrokes. Word completion and logical next words are used, and the "grammar" function provides morphological endings to verbs, nouns and adjectives. Spelling with word prediction along with the category-based pages contained in all other versions of the vocabulary are also available. This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard.

  • WordPower 80 is a vocabulary consisting of high-frequency core words, spelling and word prediction, all on the main page. It also includes the category-based pages contained in all other versions of the vocabulary. With this setup, the user can use core words in the same sentences without moving to a separate page to spell. This vocabulary is configured to work with a keyguard and with scanning.

  • A Basic 4-Location file has also been added for those needing minimal targets.

  • MultiChat 15 is offered in a Student, Adolescent and Adult version. There are multiple forms of communication available in this program: sentences, phrases, individual words, recordings for story-telling, and visual scenes. Also included are interactive play and reading pages, social pages and a News-2-You starter page for the weekly newspaper’s vocabulary. There are symbols on every button with the exception of several core words.
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