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The Pixon Project Kit

A fantastic communication and language curriculum.
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Ex. VAT: £99.00 Inc. VAT £118.80

  • Unrivalled Warranty & Support

  • Solutions for All Needs & Budgets

  • Wide Range of Access Methods

  • Free UK Deliveries on Orders over £100

Technical Specification

Manufacturer Liberator

The Pixon Project Kit

The Pixon Project team focused on the use of simple, manual communication boards and single meaning pictures that could be used to build a solid language foundation prior to introduction of robust, personal, speech generating devices. The materials they developed evolved into the Pixon Project Kit.

The Pixon Project Kit includes the following:

Pixon Language and Learning Activity Notebook

The Pixon Language and Learning Activity Notebook (The PLLAN) contains the language development curriculum and a thorough description of all the Pixon Project Kit materials. It is your PLAN for implementing the Pixon Project materials.

Pixon Picture Set CD

The Pixon Picture Set is an exciting new set of single meaning pictures that blend Minspeak® icons with drawing conventions used in other pictures sets (such as PCS pictures.) Over 1800 Pixons are available in BMP and BoardmakerTM format.

Pixon Manual Communication Boards

The Pixon Project Kit includes 10 pre-designed manual communication boards. Two of the boards are pre-made and can be used out-of-the-box if the design matches the skills and abilities of the person you are supporting. Boards were designed for individuals with a range of sensory and motor-accessing skills, including displays accessible via eye pointing. One of the pre-made boards is in a portable, cloth, carrying case for use with ambulatory individuals. All of the boards can be customized to match the needs of the individual.

Pixon Educational and Environmental Materials

The Pixon Project team developed a sample set of educational and environmental materials designed to support language learning and communication interaction in the classroom and home. Teachers and therapists can simply print out and implement the materials, as needed.

Samples of Pixon Communication Boards and Educational Materials

50-Location Board: A Personal Communication Board

Activity-Based Display for Cooking: Use this supplemental display to focus on core words while doing a cooking activity.

Vocabulary Building Chart for "Family Words": Use this chart to teach the relationship between the family members and the Pixon. Pixons and charts are available for different ethnic groups.

Vocabulary Building Chart for Prepositions: Post this chart in your classroom so all children can compare and contrast prepositional concepts.

Pixon is a trademark of Semantic CompactionTM Systems, Inc.

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