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Liberator provides AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) products, training and support for communication, inclusion and independence. From no-tech to high-tech communication aids (VOCA) we have products to suit all budgets and all needs.
  1. New Products

    At Liberator we offer a huge range of assistive technology including; Single message communicators, switches, computer access products, mounting, software, eyegaze solutions and high-tech communication aids. View the latest products in our extensive catalogue here
  2. Low-Tech AAC Sale

    Low-Tech AAC Sale
  3. High Tech Communication

    We offer a wide range of industry leading communication aids to cater for all needs. Our communication devices enable non-verbal individuals the opportunity to communicate spontaneously. We provide the products and support to ensure the best possible communication outcomes.
  4. Low Tech Communication

    In addition to our High-Tech Communication Aid range we have an extensive range of Low tech communication aids, from simple one button options to multi-level sequencing devices. Products include Talking Photo Albums, Big Mack Communicators, MegaBees, Talking Tins and many many more.
  5. Eyegaze Systems

    Liberator offer a range of Eyegaze systems to support individuals that do not have the ability to select by direct selection, switching or head tracking. This includes communication aids and computer access solutions.
  6. High Tech Accessories

    Not everyone is the same. We supply a range of accessories to help individuals access, carry and get that little bit extra from their communication devices. Products available for the Accent's, NOVA Chat 's, Liberator Rugged 7, ECO2, Vantage Lite, Springboard Lite and Legacy devices.
  7. iDevices and Accessories

    Innovative solutions and accessories for your iPad, iPhone and iPod, from iPad bundles and cases to switching and mounting.
  8. Switches

    Liberator's extensive switch range to access assistive technology and AAC, including switches from Ablenet, Simply Works and Liberator's own Lib Switch.
  9. Computer Access

    Take control with Liberator's expanded computer access range. Now including switch interfaces for using switches with PC's, Liberator's computer access section is more comprehensive than ever! More joysticks, more trackballs, more headpointing options, and more keyboards - solutions for most situations.
  10. Learning and Inclusion

    At Liberator we have always prided ourselves on providing an exceptional range of inclusion products and learning aids!
  11. Software

    This section contains all of your software needs! Including onscreen keyboards, Cause and Effect, games, mouse, switch, scanning and keyskills tutors, and communication overlay creators.
  12. Mounting Systems

    Mounting satisfaction with Liberator's extensive range of switch and communication aid mounts. You can mount almost anything, from switches to communication aids, using Liberator's wide range of table and wheelchair mounts. Please note that this is just a small selection from our range call Liberator Sales Support for more information or advice.
  13. Total LibCare Warranty

    Total LibCare Extended Warranty: You can continue to receive the best long-term service and support with our unrivalled LibCare Extended Warranty Packages

    Please see our full terms and conditions here.

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