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Accent 800

The Accent 800 is our smallest, most portable AAC solution featuring the full Unity, easyChat, Essence, WordPower or Grid 3 vocabularies.

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  1. Accent 800

    Our smallest Windows based AAC device is now even better!
    Ex. VAT: £3,995.00 Inc. VAT £4,794.00
  2. LibCare Extended Warranty - Accent 800

    You can continue to receive the best long-term service and support with our unrivalled LibCare Extended Warranty Packages.
    Ex. VAT: £291.67 Inc. VAT £350.00
  3. Accent 800-20 9H Rated Tough Screen Protectors

    Set of 3 9H rated screen protectors for the Accent 800-20
    Ex. VAT: £36.00 Inc. VAT £43.20
  4. NuPoint™ HeadPointing

    HeadPointing technology for the Accent™ Range of communication devices

    Regular Price: £1,194.00

    Ex. VAT: £895.50 Inc. VAT £1,074.60

  5. Grid 3

    Grid 3 Communication Package
    Ex. VAT: £480.00 Inc. VAT £576.00
  6. Picture WordPower / WordPower for Accent

    WordPower software is a word-based generative language system that has been customized for a variety of users. This powerful system facilitates fast and efficient communication for non-speaking individuals in a short period of time.
    Ex. VAT: £270.00 Inc. VAT £324.00
  7. Widgit Symbols

    Activation for Widgit Symbols on the Accent range of AAC devices.
    Ex. VAT: £250.00 Inc. VAT £300.00
  8. Keyguards for Accent 800-20

    Keyguards for Accent 800-20

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £105.00 Inc. VAT £126.00

  9. Touchguides for Accent 800-20

    Touchguides for Accent 800-20

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £60.00 Inc. VAT £72.00

  10. Grid 3 Keyguards for Accent 800 with No Menu Bar

    Grid 3 Keyguards for Accent 800 with No Menu Bar

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £170.00 Inc. VAT £204.00

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