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NOVA chat 10

The NOVA chat 10 is a communication system that offers Chat software on an 10" Android platform.

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  1. NOVA chat 10

    Living life to its fullest!
    Ex. VAT: £2,995.00 Inc. VAT £3,594.00
  2. LibCare Extended Warranty - NOVA chat 10

    You can continue to receive the best long-term service and support with our unrivalled LibCare Extended Warranty Packages.
    Ex. VAT: £333.34 Inc. VAT £400.01
  3. SAL5 Mounting Plate

    The SAL5 mounting plate enables Communication Aids to be mounted on to Daessy mounting systems.
    Ex. VAT: £85.00 Inc. VAT £102.00
  4. ChatWrap Mini Keyguard Set - TouchChat

    Keyguard set for TouchChat on the ChatWrap Mini
    Ex. VAT: £200.00 Inc. VAT £240.00
  5. NOVA chat 10.5 Keyguards

    Keyguards for the NOVA chat 10.5

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £50.00 Inc. VAT £60.00

  6. NOVA chat 10.5 Keyguard Set

    Keyguard set for NOVA chat 10.5
    Ex. VAT: £250.00 Inc. VAT £300.00
  7. Saltillo 4GB Micro USB Flash Drive

    Enables data backups from a NOVA chat or ChatFusion directly to Memory Stick
    Ex. VAT: £13.00 Inc. VAT £15.60
  8. Chat Fusion/NOVA chat 9H Rated Tempered Screen Protectors

    9H Rated Tempered Screen Protectors for the Chat Fusions and NOVA chats
    Ex. VAT: £36.00 Inc. VAT £43.20
  9. NOVA chat 7/10/12 Battery Charger

    Battery charger for NOVA chat 7/10/12
    Ex. VAT: £75.00 Inc. VAT £90.00
  10. NOVA chat Shoulder Strap

    Shoulder strap for NOVA chat
    Ex. VAT: £30.00 Inc. VAT £36.00

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