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Joysticks and Trackballs

Liberator's extensive range of joysticks, trackballs and mouse replacements.

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  1. TinyMouse

    TinyMouse is about half the size of a standard computer mouse and just right for your child's small hands.
    Ex. VAT: £15.00 Inc. VAT £18.00
  2. BJOY Ring Receiver

    Additional receiver for the BJOY Ring Wireless. Increase the performance of your BJOY Ring Wireless with the additional receiver!
    Ex. VAT: £90.00 Inc. VAT £108.00
  3. 3DRudder

    For people with upper body disabilities, the simple use of a computer keyboard, a mouse, not to mention the joy of exploring VR worlds, playing a video game, can be a challenge, if not a total impossibility.
    Ex. VAT: £96.00 Inc. VAT £115.20
  4. Slimline Joystick

    Perfect for smaller hands, the Slimline Joystick has both a small footprint and a low profile.
    Ex. VAT: £158.00 Inc. VAT £189.60
  5. BJOY Stick A

    Mouse based on a joystick similar to the wheelchair's one and with big accessible buttons.
    Ex. VAT: £394.95 Inc. VAT £473.94
  6. n-ABLER Pro Joystick

    Large Joystick with Anti-Tremor features
    Ex. VAT: £268.00 Inc. VAT £321.60
  7. n-ABLER Pro Trackball

    Large Trackball with Anti-Tremor features
    Ex. VAT: £218.00 Inc. VAT £261.60
  8. Track-IT

    Track-IT! is a unique switch interface that allows complete operation of the cursor, and mouse button clicks, using a single, remote switch.
    Ex. VAT: £139.00 Inc. VAT £166.80
  9. Rock Adapted Joystick

    All the functionality of a traditional mouse in a joystick that requires minimal hand movement.
    Ex. VAT: £715.00 Inc. VAT £858.00
  10. ChesterMouse

    Welcome ChesterMouse, a tiny single-button mouse with no scroll wheel, that’s easy to control and made of rugged plastic for strength and durability.
    Ex. VAT: £24.00 Inc. VAT £28.80

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