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Large key keyboards, keyboard gloves, keyboard overlays and much much more!

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  1. Maxess Laptop Tray - 16 inch

    For use with laptops, communication aids etc, these rests are large enough to accommodate laptops up to 16" wide
    Ex. VAT: £30.00 Inc. VAT £36.00
  2. VisionBoard Keyboards

    VisionBoard-Black & VisionBoard2 Large, high visibility keys offer improved readability and control. The VisionBoard2 offers a big advantage to people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard, with applications in such places as assistive living communities, manufacturing facilities, special educational institutions, adult daycare and home use.
    Ex. VAT: £47.00 Inc. VAT £56.40
  3. VisionBoard Wireless

    Our big key VisionBoard computer keyboards have gone wireless!
    Ex. VAT: £41.00 Inc. VAT £49.20
  4. BigBlu Board Keyboard

    BigBlu KinderBoard is a large-key Bluetooth computer keyboard that can assist children with vision or motor-skill impairment, and is an excellent first keyboard for any child. The BigBlu KinderBoard has big 1" oversized keys and large, bold, easy-to-read numbers and letters.
    Ex. VAT: £51.00 Inc. VAT £61.20
  5. BigKeys LX

    The BigKeys LX keyboard is for anyone who needs large keys in order to locate and operate the keys.
    Ex. VAT: £118.00 Inc. VAT £141.60
  6. LearningBoard

    The Learning Board helps kids of all ages learn the location of letters and other keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard with vibrant colour-coded vowels, consonants, numbers and function keys.
    Ex. VAT: £23.00 Inc. VAT £27.60
  7. MyBoard

    Large colour coded keyboards, with upper or lowercase options
    Ex. VAT: £34.00 Inc. VAT £40.80
  8. Big Keys Plastic Keyguard

    For BigKeys users with limited motor skills.
    Ex. VAT: £58.00 Inc. VAT £69.60
  9. SofType 5

    SofType is an excellent on-screen keyboard

    Ex. VAT: £230.00 Inc. VAT £276.00

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