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  1. IR Reflector Kit

    An IR Reflector Kit to aid Infrared Signals to hard to reach spots.
    Ex. VAT: £25.00 Inc. VAT £30.00
  2. Extreme Case for Accent 800-20

    The rugged, durable Extreme Case from PRC protects your Accent 800-20 from rough handling.
    Ex. VAT: £80.00 Inc. VAT £96.00
  3. Chat Fusion/NOVA chat 9H Rated Tempered Screen Protectors

    9H Rated Tempered Screen Protectors for the Chat Fusions and NOVA chats
    Ex. VAT: £36.00 Inc. VAT £43.20
  4. Accent 1000-30 Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

    Set of 6 anti-glare screen protectors for Accent 1000-30
    Ex. VAT: £25.00 Inc. VAT £30.00
  5. Ultra Lightweight Ball Stylus

    The Ultra Lightweight Ball Stylus is ideal for people with muscular and strength impairments.
    Ex. VAT: £34.50 Inc. VAT £41.40
  6. Accent 1000-30 9H Rated Tough Screen Protectors

    Set of 3 9H rated screen protectors for the Accent 1000
    Ex. VAT: £36.00 Inc. VAT £43.20
  7. Accent 800-20 9H Rated Tough Screen Protectors

    Set of 3 9H rated screen protectors for the Accent 800-20
    Ex. VAT: £36.00 Inc. VAT £43.20
  8. easyChat Play and Explore Resource Pack

    A resource pack containing low-tech manual modelling boards and advice on implementation strategies to assist you in using Play and Explore.
    Ex. VAT: £49.99 Inc. VAT £59.99
  9. Finger Stylus – XL

    Control your tablet and smartphone with this “extended finger”.
    Ex. VAT: £27.50 Inc. VAT £33.00
  10. Strap Stylus

    The Strap Stylus is used by people with limited hand and finger grip. A strong Velcro strap holds it in place so the stylus moves in sync with your hand or arm.
    Ex. VAT: £49.50 Inc. VAT £59.40

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