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Sensory Products

New to Liberator - a range of sensory products including toys, light up balls and musical items.

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  1. Stretchy Caterpillar

    Large caterpillar completely covered in long, stretchy hairs.
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  2. Sensory Den

    The Sensory Den blocks light from entering, providing children with a cosy, dark and safe place free from distractions.
    Ex. VAT: £61.00 Inc. VAT £73.20
  3. Flashing Prism Ball - Stock available by end of May 2019

    Flashing Prism Ball that lights up as it bounces
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  4. Vibrating Pillow Switch Adapted

    Switch adapted Vibrating Pillow
    Ex. VAT: £40.00 Inc. VAT £48.00
  5. Flashing Meteor Ball

    Flashing Meteor Ball with a light-up centre
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  6. Electromites

    Electromites squeezable balls with big smiley faces and lots of wobbly, spikey rubbery tentacles
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  7. Funky Disco Duck

    Create a funky mini disco with this extravagant light-up squashy duck
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  8. Puffer Owl

    Puffer Owl toy with a soft and squishy air-filled body
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  9. Puffimals

    Squishy air-filled Puffimals squeeze toys
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  10. Rainbow Squishy Mesh Ball

    Squishy mesh ball with rainbow colours
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40

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