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Vocabulary Options

Liberator provide a wide range of vocabulary options in various languages:

  • Unity

    Unity is a unique and effective solution for representing language in an AAC device. Unity uses a small set of pictures which when combined in short sequences, words and sentences can be quickly produced

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  • easyChat

    easyChat is a symbol based vocabulary program which uses the popular SymbolStix icon set. easyChat is easy to teach, easy to use and easy to support. Complete communication made easy!

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  • Grid

    We are pleased to offer the Grid 3 communication system, with settings for both symbol and text communication and many tools to help users communicate. Grid sets are pre-made collections of grids, usually designed for communication.

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  • Wordpower

    WordPower is available as a text or pictorial based program. Both programs combine core vocabulary, spelling and topic-based pages. Picture WordPower is available with either PCS or MinSymbols

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  • Essence

    Essence is a text-based program specifically designed for literate individuals. It allows communication using a selection of familiar keyboards, pre-stored phrases and word prediction. It also offers access to ECU controls, word processing, email, interne

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  • LAMP Words For Life

    LAMP - Words for Life™ is a vocabulary that combines the power of the Unity® and LAMP. LAMP is a therapeutic approach based on neurological and motor learning principles designed to help the communication needs of those with autism.

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  • Core Scanner

    CoreScanner is a progressive vocabulary program specifically designed for individuals with physical disabilities, who best access augmentative communication technology through the use of a switch.

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  • NOVA chat Vocabs

    NOVA chat offers a whole range of vocabularies including the popular WordPower, Essence, MultiChat, myQuickChat and Vocab PC.

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