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easyChat is a robust set of AAC vocabularies and computer/phone access for individuals with complex communication needs. It can be accessed by: direct touch selection, keyguards, touchguides, switches, HeadPointing and Eye Gaze.

The easyChat family of vocabularies is available on Liberator’s Accent devices and offers an extensive set of core and UK topic-based vocabulary pages that are fully customisable and intuitive, available in PCS, Widgit or SymbolStix versions.

The 5 different versions of easyChat are:

easyChat Core - Easy to use, easy to teach and easy to support. A range of researched vocabularies designed by those who use and support AAC. easyChat Core is a Core Word focussed vocabulary designed for fast, efficient communication.

easyChat Phrases - Our Phrase based vocabulary has lots of easy access sentence starter to allow an emergent communicator to communicate their needs and wants quickly whilst having access to a robust Core vocabulary when required. 

easyChat Spell - Ideal for literate individuals who prefer to spell. It is a keyboard-based communication system that offers spelling with word prediction and abreviation expansion. easyChat Spell features Computer access and easyMessages to store frequently used phrases.  

easyChat Words - easyChat Words is a variation of our Core version for those who do not require symbol support. 

The easyChat Play and Explore teaching pack and manual boards have everything you need to get started with simple AAC skills and teach first words in fun and meaningful ways – straight out of the box! Ideal for use in the home, classroom, when out and about, in fact – everywhere! Includes a collection of over 70 vocabulary boards in 2 sizes (15 and 28 location). Available as a free download.  

easyChat was developed in the UK with input from a large team of practicing AAC professionals to meet not only the communication needs of individuals who use AAC devices, but also the needs of those supporting them. easyChat’s launch in September 2015 quickly enabled individuals to transition from app-based and low-tech communication solutions to dedicated devices supported by a UK-based company offering technical and clinical support. Since its introduction, easyChat has grown and evolved following feedback from SLTs, teaching staff and families.

The easyChat vocabularies are organised in an easy and intuitive way with the most common words arranged by parts of speech on the home page with extended interest, daily life and lesson-based vocabulary on topic pages. The home pages enable quick access to the most frequently used words (Marvin, C., Beukelman, D., Bilyeu, D. (1994). "Vocabulary-Use Patterns in Preschool Children: Effects of Context and Time Sampling." AAC, Vol. 10, No. 4).easyChat boasts innovative setup and programming supports that are intuitive and easy to use program which uses the popular SymbolStix icon set. easyChat is easy to teach, easy to use and easy to support. Complete communication made easy!

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