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Essence is an Augmentative and Alternative  Communication (AAC) vocabulary program that is specifically designed for literate adults who prefer a speech-generating device based primarily on spelling. Easy to use and easy to learn, Essence leverages current skills and knowledge and allows individuals to "speak" their thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs simply by pressing keys on a standard keyboard.

Being able to communicate can enable individuals to continue to work, more fully engage with others, and remain actively involved in personal and health care decisions enhancing quality of life.

The Essence vocabulary requires little or no training and there's no new language system to learn. When deteriorating motor abilities make typing difficult, Essence can be accessed using electronic switches, head-pointing systems and the PRC state-of-the-art eye-tracking systems NuEye™ (Accent 1400 and Accent 1000).

Additional features available in Essence include:

  • Pre-stored vocabulary and word prediction software for fast communication
  • Abbreviated expansion capability that saves key strokes by converting typed abbreviations into full words and phrases
  • An alarm function for soliciting help when needed
  • "Remind Me" appointment tool
  • Remote (Infrared) control capabilities
  • Additional useful tools, such as simple note-taking facilities, computer shortcuts for accessing Facebook and Kindle, and web browsing

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