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Liberator Ltd Environmental Statement & Policies

Basic Policy
As a UK based international company, Liberator is obligation-conscious of environmental conservation. In addition, we strive to honour our environmental responsibilities and concentrate group-wide efforts in environmental conservation activities, implementation of which we believe to be as significant as our business operations.

Liberator Ltd is committed to improving the Environment within which we live and work. To this end, we seriously consider the impact of our activities on the Environment in each and every aspect of our business life.
Our general objectives are:
To monitor and where possible, reduce the environmental impact of the company’s operations.
To ensure a process of continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact.
To promote recycling and the use of recycled materials, whilst reducing the consumption of all materials wherever possible.
To monitor and control energy usage in all areas of the business.
To conform to the requirements of all relevant legislation.
To minimise waste at all times.
To prevent pollution.
To promote and train environmental awareness and responsibilities within the company.

Specific Policies

Disposal of existing equipment 


When disposing of customer's existing equipment we fully comply with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
Wherever possible machines are stripped and separated and reworked or used for service operations, if parts cannot be re-used then we prepare them for recycling. In addition we also deal with specialist waste disposal companies who dispose of any waste in compliance with WEEE. All electrical equipment must be disposed of in compliance with our own internal environmental policy and processes. We have been fully accredited with WEEE since February 1st 2007. We not only have the procedures in place to correctly dispose of customer’s equipment but actively encourage it as part of Liberator's commitment to the environment.

The environmental aspects of batteries are covered by a new EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC. The first part of this was transposed into UK law on September 2008. This is a major change within the industry since it will encourage greater levels of collection and recycling. We have:

Ensured we meet the new regulations
Achieved a position where we can advise customers of the impact of the new legislation
Participated in collection and recycling schemes
In the very few instances where we have to dispose of batteries, we will and have always used a specialist battery disposal and recycling service.
We not only have the procedures in place to correctly dispose of customer’s waste batteries but actively encourage it as part of Liberator's commitment to the environment.

We will maximise the recycling of all incoming cardboard packaging by:

  • Reusing cartons where possible
  • Separately collecting and disposing of waste cardboard so that it can be recycled
  • We will minimise the packaging material we use by:
  • Avoiding the need for filler packaging wherever possible
  • Using low mass airbags wherever possible
  • Minimising the packaging overall wherever we deliver the goods ourselves and can be sure of the way it is handled

Energy / Fuel
We will maximise fuel efficiency wherever possible when purchasing vehicles and equipment
We will purchase vehicles with the latest available emissions control systems
We will turn off equipment wherever possible when not in use

We will manage general waste:
  • Reducing consumption where possible
  • Reusing where we can
  • Recycling where commercially feasible
  • Ensuring we comply with all waste regulations
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