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Please select the appropriate device below to see the current versions your device should be running on.

SBL - Springboard Lite
There are currently no UK USB software updates necessary for this device >> Updates will be posted here as and when they become available.
Emulation Software UK SpringBoard Lite v4.04.4 >>

VTL - Vantage Lite
UK Vantage Lite v5.08.1 to v 5.10.1 USB Flashdrive Update.
This will update all UK Vantage Lite devices running under software version 5.08.1 to version 5.10.1, it cannot be used to update any other versions of Vantage Lite software.
The new 5.10.1 software update for Vantage Lite was released on March 9th 2012.
Please begin by downloading and reading the installation instructions, you may find it useful to print them out before commencing.

The update may take up to three hours.
You cannot use the device during the update.
You must download each individual file (3 in total) for this update.
Do NOT rename any of these files otherwise they will not install.
Please make sure you have fully read and understood the installation instructions before beginning.
Installation Instructions Download Here.

File 1 Download: VTLUpdate
File 2 Download: VTLUpdate1
File 3 Download: VTLUpdate2

Emulation Software UK Vantage Lite v5.10.1 >>
Emulation Software US Vantage Lite Essence v5.10 >>


LATEST (Version 3.01) UK ECO2 USB Flashdrive Software Update
This updates all UK ECO2 Windows 7 Operating System devices currently running v3.00 to v3.01 software only.
Instructions (please do not try attempting any USB update until you have fully read and understood these instructions)
USB Update File v3.00 to v3.01 Download.

USB Device Updating Video (if you wish to see a device being updated using this USB update then a video is available here for reference)

Emulation Software UK ECO2 v3.01 >>
Emulation Software UK ECO2 v2.07.2 >>
Emulation Software US ECO2 v3.01 Essence >>


You can download the updater software for your CPC-ChatPc from the Saltillo website. Please note... following this link will open the Saltillo website in a new page.

ALT Chat

You can download the updater software for your Alt Chat from the Saltillo website. Please note... following this link will open the Saltillo website in a new page.

ECO14 - Liberator 14

Emulation Software UK ECO14 - Liberator14 v1.07.1 >>

PF - Pathfinder

Emulation Software UK PF - Pathfinder v3.02.6 >>

VT-VG - Vantage/Vanguard

Emulation Software UK VT-VG - Vantage/Vanguard v4.06.8 >>

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