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WFL Support FAQs

What should I do if my download fails?

If you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, it is not unusual for a download to be interrupted and fail to complete. The simplest fix is to download again.

For more extensive details direct from Apple, use the following link:

What do I need to run LAMP: Words For Life?

Minimum System Requirements
iPad running iOS 3.2 or higher

Recommended System Requirements
iPad 2 or above running iOS 4.2 or higher

How do I back up and restore my iPad?

Backing up the Apple Device

Open up the iTunes application on the PC.
Connect the Apple device to a USB cable and connect it to the PC.
In iTunes, the device will appear on the left side
Right click on the device and chose Back Up
iTunes will start to back up the device

Restoring the Apple Device

Open up the iTunes application on the PC.
Connect the Apple device to a USB cable and connect it to the PC.
In iTunes, the device will appear on the left side
Right click on the device and choose Restore from Backup
iTunes will then ask which Restore from Backup you want. Choose the one that is the most recent sync, to ensure having the current versions.
iTunes will start restoring the device from back up. For more extensive details, go to iOS: How to back up on the Apple Support site:

How can I check the version number of my software?

Periodically, you will be able to update your software to take advantage of improvements and bug fixes. You can always check which version you have by using the following steps:

From the home page of the vocabulary file tap Vocab in the left corner
Tap on Choose New Vocab
The version is at the bottom of the screen

Why is my LAMP app running slower than usual?

There is a difference between minimizing an app and closing one. Tapping the iPad’s Home button makes an application disappear from the screen but it continues to run in the background. So if your LAMP app seems to be running slower than usual, it’s likely to be because you have lots of apps minimized. Use the procedure below to close them:

Tap on the Home button on the bottom of the device to exit the application
Double Tap on the Home button, which will bring up the “Taskbar” at the bottom
Press and hold the LAMP icon to make the “minus” button display on the icons
Press the Minus sign to close the application
Once the applications are closed, press the home button twice to return to the desktop

Why is my app no longer speaking?

If you are hearing no sound at all from your iPad, there are some simple checks you can make that will often fix the problem.

Check that you haven’t turned the volume down by using the volume controls on the right-hand side of the iPad.

Press the buttons to the volume level on your screen.

Check that your hardware Side Switch is NOT set for Mute. The Side Switch on the right-hand side can be set in an up or down position:

If it is set in a down position, the Side Switch is ON, and whatever you have set the side switch to do will take effect. So if you have set it for Mute, all sound will be turned off.

You can set your Side Switch to lock/unlock the orientation of the screen, or to set the sounds for the device to on/off.

Above, you can see that the Side Switch is set to be used for Lock Rotation. If you see the Mute checked off, either (a) change to Lock Rotation or (b) flip the Side Switch to the UP position.

Check the Settings in your LAMP app for Speak. Make sure they are not all set to OFF.

If they are all set to OFF, you won’t hear anything unless you touch the text area of the app.

How do I add a new voice to my LAMP Words For Life?

LAMP Words For Life™ comes with a single voice installed but you can download others.

Voice files are large and should be downloaded separately. Depending on the speed of your connection, each file will take time to download and will use memory on your iPad. We recommend you only download those voice(s) you really want to use so you don’t use up all the storage on your ipad.

Select the green Menu button.
Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

From the Speech section, choose Voice.

From the list of voices that appears, choose the one you wish to download. Voices that have already been downloaded will be in bold text.

Select Yes to download the voice, or No to cancel.
When the download is complete, select Okay in the pop-up window.
You can now choose the newly installed voice in your Voice menu then select Done to exit the Settings.

I forgot my passcode. How can I reset it?

Press the home button and select the Settings app.
Find the Words For Life item under App settings.
There should be just one setting: Enable Menu Passcode ON/OFF.
Turn off the Enable Menu Passcode.
Press the home button and select Words For Life to return to the app.
Press a menu item and confirm that the menus are unlocked.

Can I text directly from the app?

Text messaging does work if the iPad is equipped with the 3G capabilities. Also, in iOS 5 Apple included iMessage support. This will allow messages to be sent to other Apple users even if the iPad is only Wi-Fi capable and automatic. The title of the service will come up as "SMS Message" in WFL if any messaging type is available.

How do I get access to LAM (Language Activity Monitoring) information?

Turning Data Logging ON or OFF
Select the green Menu button.
Choose Settings.
Scroll down to the Language Activity Monitor sections and slide Enable Logging to ON or OFF.

Keystrokes and device contents are now copied to a single file called logFile.lam

Copying a log file to a computer using iTunes
Connect your iPad to your computer and run the iTunes software.
On your iTunes software, look the Devices tag in the column on the left-hand side of the window and click on the name of your iPad.

From the tabs along the top of the right-hand window, select the Apps tag.

Select the logFile.lam file and then the Save to… button.
Using the window that opens, browse to where you want to save the file.

You can now open the logFile using your preferred word processor or spreadsheet.

What is in a logFile?
The logFile consists basically of TWO parts: Header Data and Log Data.

Header Data
Each time data logging is turn on, basic general information is added to the file.

Language Activity Monitor
Version 1.00
Saltillo Corporation

Version number of the monitor software and company name.

Log Date: 07/13/2012 05:24PM

Date and time of when the logging was turned on.

Vocab = LAMP 84 Full

Name of vocabulary being logged.


The release and activation delay times for the keys.


Tells you whether Word Prediction is on/off and whether speech output is on/off.

Log Data
Logged data is represented using a small number of codes.


Tells you which page is being used.


Tells you the location of the key that has been activated on a page.


Speech Display Bar. Tells you what has been written to the display when a key has been pressed.


Speak. Tells you what was spoken.


Shows a deletion of characters, words, or the whole Speech Display Bar.


Short for control. Shows any changes in settings e.g. change of voice, enabling logging.

Can I merge two saved vocabulary builder files into one file?

Merging Vocabulary Builder Files
Connect the iPad with the USB cord to the computer and open iTunes.
Click on the iPad button.

Go to your apps.

Scroll down until you see the list of apps that can file share and select LAMP Words for Life.
On the right hand side of your screen, you’ll see the Words for Life Documents.

Click on the vocabulary builder files you wish to merge and drag them to your desktop.
Open one of the files and copy the words.
Open the other file and paste the words from the first file
Rename that file then drag it back to the Words for Life Documents section on iTunes.
Sync your iPad

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