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Liberator's switch range is bigger than ever - but our prices are smaller! The range of switches offered by Liberator has been expanded significantly to not only give you more options but also to provide switch solutions at an affordable price! Also includes switch mounting, industrial velcro and stick pads for positioning.

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  1. Lib Switch

    A low price, high quality switch

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £19.00 Inc. VAT £22.80

  2. Mini Lib Switch

    The newest Lib Switch

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £15.00 Inc. VAT £18.00

  3. Big Lib Switch

    Our low-cost, high quality big buttoned switch.

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £23.00 Inc. VAT £27.60

  4. Lib Switch Bundle

    Buy all 3 sizes of Lib Switches in one bundle!
    Ex. VAT: £44.10 Inc. VAT £52.92 As low as: £51.43
  5. Freedom Wireless Switch

    The Freedom Wireless Switch allows access to all Accent devices with inbuilt RF capabilities
    Ex. VAT: £120.00 Inc. VAT £144.00
  6. Switch2Scan

    Get scanning switch access to your iPad Apps, Music, and Photography, with the unique Pretorian Technologies Switch2Scan.
    Ex. VAT: £118.00 Inc. VAT £141.60
  7. iSwitch

    The iSwitch is a Bluetooth switch which enables switch access to iDevices.
    Ex. VAT: £118.00 Inc. VAT £141.60
  8. Simply Works Switch 125 - Blue

    A wireless version of the Smoothie Switch.

    Regular Price: £64.80

    Ex. VAT: £43.00 Inc. VAT £51.60

  9. Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

    Provides single or dual switch access via Bluetooth connection to iOS, Apple OS X, Windows, Google Chrome, and Android devices.
    Ex. VAT: £128.00 Inc. VAT £153.60
  10. Buddy Button

    Buddy Button is a popular durable switch.

    Starting at: Ex. VAT: £38.00 Inc. VAT £45.60

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