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Mounting Systems

Mounting satisfaction with Liberator's extensive range of switch and communication aid mounts. You can mount almost anything, from switches to communication aids, using Liberator's wide range of table and wheelchair mounts. Please note that this is just a small selection from our range call Liberator Sales Support for more information or advice.

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  1. Quick Release Mount 2

    The Quick Release Mount 2 (QRM2) easily fits onto a Liberator High-Tech Communication Aid mounting plate on the reverse of the device.
    Ex. VAT: £155.00 Inc. VAT £186.00
  2. Skoog Mounting Arm

    This dual suction cup base provides strong and stable mounting for your Skoog.
    Ex. VAT: £105.00 Inc. VAT £126.00
  3. Accent Open EyeGaze Mounts

    Various mounts that fit onto the Accent Open for EyeGaze
    Ex. VAT: £55.00 Inc. VAT £66.00
  4. Mounting Plate for Vibe-Lite Switch

    Mounting Plate for Vibe-Lite Switch
    Ex. VAT: £20.00 Inc. VAT £24.00
  5. Flexzi 2 - Switch Holder - Heavy Duty Clamp - Pink

    The funky, flexible switch mount.

    Regular Price: £94.80

    Ex. VAT: £46.67 Inc. VAT £56.00

  6. PRC5 Mounting Plate

    The PRC5 mounting plate enables Liberator Communication Aids to be mounted on to Daessy mounting systems.
    Ex. VAT: £100.00 Inc. VAT £120.00
  7. AbleNet Dual Locking Tape

    Interlocking Hook and Loop fastener material on one side, adhesive on the other.

    Ex. VAT: £5.00 Inc. VAT £6.00
  8. ChatWrap Wheelchair Mounting Plate

    Wheelchair Mounting Plate for ChatWrap™
    Ex. VAT: £49.00 Inc. VAT £58.80
  9. Clamp on Mount

    TC stands for "Table Clamp", and is used for mounting communication devices.
    Ex. VAT: £384.00 Inc. VAT £460.80
  10. Daessy Deskmount

    A Daessy Deskmount designed to hold standard Communication Aids.
    Ex. VAT: £215.00 Inc. VAT £258.00

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