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At Liberator we offer a huge range of assistive technology including; Single message communicators, switches, computer access products, mounting, software, eyegaze solutions and high-tech communication aids. View the latest products in our extensive catalogue here

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  1. BJOY Stick A

    Mouse based on a joystick similar to the wheelchair's one and with big accessible buttons.
    Ex. VAT: £394.95 Inc. VAT £473.94
  2. Table Top Suction Mount

    Quickly and easily mount almost any AbleNet switch or AbleNet small dedicated speech generating device (SGD) to a smooth surface.
    Ex. VAT: £135.00 Inc. VAT £162.00
  3. Flashing Prism Ball

    Flashing Prism Ball that lights up as it bounces
    Ex. VAT: £2.00 Inc. VAT £2.40
  4. Switch2Scan

    Get scanning switch access to your iPad Apps, Music, and Photography, with the unique Pretorian Technologies Switch2Scan.
    Ex. VAT: £118.00 Inc. VAT £141.60
  5. Wiggles the Sleepy Snoring Pig

    Wiggles the sleepy snoring pig is adapted to the needs of young children who use switches to play with their toys.
    Ex. VAT: £51.00 Inc. VAT £61.20
  6. Skoog 2.0

    A revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way you and your family enjoy, create and learn music. Skoog is a musical instrument for iPad that anyone can play.
    Ex. VAT: £165.00 Inc. VAT £198.00
  7. Enabler Socket+

    Enabler Socket+ is a "Plug and Play" device that allows you to turn on/off your household appliances and switch adapted devices using the Control USB or by means of an external switch.
    Ex. VAT: £98.00 Inc. VAT £117.60
  8. Enabler Alarm

    Enabler alarm is a RF receiver that sends out a warning signal using any the BJOY Control USB or a switch. A family member or caregiver will receive an acoustic warning when you activate the alarm.
    Ex. VAT: £98.00 Inc. VAT £117.60
  9. BJOY Control+

    Customisable remote control that enables full control of the environment using an Android/iOS phone or tablet.
    Ex. VAT: £450.00 Inc. VAT £540.00
  10. Spunky the ABC 123 Singing Dog

    Spunky the ABC 123 Singing Dog Switch Adapted Toy
    Ex. VAT: £52.00 Inc. VAT £62.40

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