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At Liberator we offer a huge range of assistive technology including; Single message communicators, switches, computer access products, mounting, software, eyegaze solutions and high-tech communication aids. View the latest products in our extensive catalogue here

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  1. NOVA chat 5

    5" NOVA Chat Communication Device
    Ex. VAT: £2,495.00 Inc. VAT £2,994.00
  2. Blueline Bluetooth Joystick

    A Bluetooth Joystick allowing wireless connection to any computer or tablet that has built-in Bluetooth including iOS.
    Ex. VAT: £235.00 Inc. VAT £282.00
  3. Accent 1400-30 with Look v5 Eyegaze Bundle

    The latest Accent 1400-30 with new and improved Look v5 Eyegaze Bundle
    Ex. VAT: £7,490.00 Inc. VAT £8,988.00
  4. AeroSwitch Bluetooth Switch

    The new universal AeroSwitch is wireless and compatible with most devices running iOS, Android and Windows using Bluetooth 4.1 or higher.
    Ex. VAT: £175.00 Inc. VAT £210.00
  5. Accent 1400-30

    Our most advanced AAC Solution yet, featuring a large 14” screen for individuals with complex access needs or those who want larger icons and better visibility.
    Ex. VAT: £5,495.00 Inc. VAT £6,594.00
  6. BJOY Hand-C

    Sensitive microswitch joystick for minimal finger strength
    Ex. VAT: £185.00 Inc. VAT £222.00
  7. BJOY Control Pro

    Control up to 112 household devices in an accessible manner
    Ex. VAT: £355.00 Inc. VAT £426.00
  8. SuperTalker FT

    A powerful, easy to use voice output device with a feather touch activation surface that is sensitive enough to detect the lightest of touches
    Ex. VAT: £389.00 Inc. VAT £466.80
  9. iTalk4 with Levels

    The iTalk4 with Levels communication device provides the user with access to four messages.
    Ex. VAT: £240.00 Inc. VAT £288.00
  10. TrackerPro 2

    The TrackerPro 2 provides reliable hands-free mouse control for individuals who are unable to use a traditional computer mouse.
    Ex. VAT: £750.00 Inc. VAT £900.00

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