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At Liberator we offer a huge range of assistive technology including; Single message communicators, switches, computer access products, mounting, software, eyegaze solutions and high-tech communication aids. View the latest products in our extensive catalogue here

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  1. InPrint 3

    Create symbol materials to print Make books, flash cards, worksheets and accessible documents with Widgit Symbols.
    Ex. VAT: £179.00 Inc. VAT £214.80
  2. Mouse4all

    An accessibility solution that allows the use of an Android tablet or smartphone without touching the screen.
    Ex. VAT: £140.00 Inc. VAT £168.00
  3. Big Candy Corn Switch

    A large, wired proximity sensor switch.
    Ex. VAT: £178.00 Inc. VAT £213.60
  4. 3DRudder

    For people with upper body disabilities, the simple use of a computer keyboard, a mouse, not to mention the joy of exploring VR worlds, playing a video game, can be a challenge, if not a total impossibility.
    Ex. VAT: £96.00 Inc. VAT £115.20
  5. Accent Open EyeGaze Mounts

    Various mounts that fit onto the Accent Open for EyeGaze
    Ex. VAT: £55.00 Inc. VAT £66.00
  6. SimplyWorks Switch 75

    The SimplyWorks Switch 75 is a small, low profile wireless switch that can be used with any of the SimplyWorks receivers to give switch, mouse, or keyboard functions.
    Ex. VAT: £54.00 Inc. VAT £64.80
  7. Slimline Joystick

    Perfect for smaller hands, the Slimline Joystick has both a small footprint and a low profile.
    Ex. VAT: £158.00 Inc. VAT £189.60
  8. SimplyWorks Receive: 2

    The SimplyWorks RECEIVE:2 is a USB wireless receiver which forms the hub of the SimplyWorks system when used for computer access
    Ex. VAT: £42.00 Inc. VAT £50.40
  9. Receive Micro

    Building on the success of the SimplyWorks range of wireless devices, the Receive Micro wireless receiver is now available to give you the same level of access to Android tablets.
    Ex. VAT: £46.00 Inc. VAT £55.20
  10. Switcher-4

    Switcher-4 allows users to access multiple devices using a single switch.
    Ex. VAT: £99.00 Inc. VAT £118.80

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